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10 Abandoned Luxury Cars From Dubai

The people in Dubai are often encouraged by banks to take loans to purchase exorbitantly priced cars. So, in order to maintain a social standing in a country like Dubai, many are tempted into spending beyond their means. And, when the fines start piling up and they can no longer pay off loans, the people abandon their cars and flee to another country in order to avoid jail sentences. That’s why there are plenty of abandoned luxury cars in Dubai.

1. Porsche Boxter Roadster

Here’s a picture of a Porsche Boxster roadster abandoned by a person named Andy Blair. He even wrote a note on his car to tell us why he left his car to rust in the desert. Although we would love nothing more than to sit down and have a chat with him, we have a feeling that we won’t find him in Dubai. In fact, he should be quite hard to locate.