10 Secrets About Rental Cars

Of course, not all of us are big fans of going up to a rental car counter. When we step up to the counter, we fear that we’d be swindled into paying for something we don’t need. Let us tell you first-hand that your fear isn’t out of place; rental car companies do employ tricks to lure you into paying for unnecessary charges and gouge you for something that you need. Hence, it is imperative that you do your homework first. Allow us to reveal 10 secrets about rental cars!

1. Rental car companies overbook with impunity

Like airlines and hotels, rental car companies also overbook to compensate for no-shows and to offset drivers who return cars early. However, car rental companies aren’t as adept as airlines at keeping overbooking levels low enough to avoid financial exposure. Airlines keep about 90 percent of their overbooked customers satisfied by offering them many incentives. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for car rental companies. Travelers who rent cars have no mandatory compensation.