12 Cheap Cars That Look Expensive

There is no doubt that cars are the premier status symbols. It signifies one’s position in the society. Hence, many people pay over the odds to acquire cars that uplift their social standing. However, one need not break the bank to give the illusion that one is super rich with an expensive car. There are affordable cars that look anything but affordable in the market. Here are 12 cheap cars that look expensive!

1. 2012 Mazda CX-7 <$20,000

Although the CX-7 is not in production anymore owing to its poor gas mileage numbers, its performance quality cannot be denied. The crossover model features a turbocharged engine with a six-speed automatic transmission and even gives a Miata a run for its money. Priced below $20,000, the CX-7 is definitely a four-wheeler that can help you feel on top of the world.