12 Top Maintenance Tips That Will Increase Your Car’s Lifespan12

The proper maintenance of your car is not only important for safety reasons, it also ensures you enjoy greater convenience while driving your vehicle and also increased your chances of getting a higher resale price when the time comes for you to dispose of the car. Proper maintenance practices will also significantly reduce the overall costs of running the car since a well maintained car runs on less fuel and breaks down on fewer occasions as compared to vehicles that are not well looked after.Here are 12 important ideas on how you can get yourself all the great benefits of having a well maintained vehicle.

1. Know your car

Before you start driving, you need to know your car. This may sound simplistic but there are many drivers who cannot tell you the most basic information about the vehicles they are driving. What is your vehicles fuel capacity? What are the manufacturer’s recommendations on oil, plugs, service intervals etc.? What are the recommended tires? What is the vehicles load capacity? These and many other questions will determine how well you maintain your car and in some cases they actually determine whether or not your warranties will remain valid. Each car has a user manual. Take time to read it and get to know everything there is to know about your car.