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15 of the most hilarious and outrageous drive thru stories

Most of us go through a drive thru to pick up a quick meal quite often, some of going multiple times a day, others going only a few times a week or month. But have you ever thought about the person on the other side of the window, handing you your food? Fast food workers see and serve hundreds of customers per day. With such a high volume of customers, fast food workers see some pretty crazy stuff. Here is a list of 15 hilarious and outrageous drive thru stories.

1 – Inflatable passenger



People always find a way to beat the system, moral or not. Once (probably several times actually), a drive thru worker goes to hand a customer their food, looks in the car, and sees something strange. In this case, it was an inflatable doll in the passenger seat, who also had a wig and a seat belt on. Understandably, the employee unconsciously wore a confused look. In response, the customer claimed, “She is there so that I won’t get in trouble for using the carpool lanes.”