20 Legendary Cars from the Past

“Legendary” is certainly not a status for someone or something that hasn’t stood the test of time. And when it comes to cars, few things matter to many of us as their continued relevance after a few years of purchase. As such, should you be yearning to update your garage with one of the legendary cars out there or you simply want to relish the past, we bid you welcome. We have 20 of such carefully analyzed legendary cars for you in this piece. Just get yourself prepared to check them out.

1. BMW 507 (1956)

Source: carthrottle.com

The Germans have always had a great automobile engineering instinct. Right from 1956 when the first model of this car was launched, it has been tipped by many to be one in a million. It was designed with the option of 2 or 4 seats with the 2 seats being convertible while the 4 seats are coupled. As at the time of release, just about two hundred and fifty sales of it were recorded in the US. Prior to taxes, insurance, and freight, it sold for $5000 but the amount doubled after the additions. Can you get this car now? You should count yourself lucky if you do!