2017 BMW X1 Review

The 2017 X1 is the perfect embodiment of BMW’s 101 years of excellent engineering and design. The steering is smooth and light, and its solid suspension makes manoeuvring winding roads a delight. The crossover is powered by a 2.0-litre engine which spits out 228 horse power. What sort of delights and disappointments did BMW load in the 2017 X1?

BMW X1 2017 Review

Engine and Transmission

If you are looking for powerful performance wrapped in an elegant body, you’ve found it. The X1 is built to fly on the highway and easily pass the time-wasting cars in heavy traffic with its responsive steering. The 2.0 engine is combined with an 8-speed transmission to easily push the 1694 kg (3736 pounds) machine with grace. Some might find the transmission to be mismatched with the engine as it seems to harbour some of the engine’s power. However putting the transmission in Sports Mode easily takes care of this.

X1 lovers might find the drop in power a little disappointing. From the previous 241 hp, the 2017 version comes with 228 hp. This allows it to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 6.4 seconds, 0.3 seconds slower than the 2017 Benz GLA.

Driving Experience

Thanks to it sharp turning radius, a responsive yet firm steering wheel, driving along winding roads is a breeze for the X1. In the previous versions, 4-wheel drive was the standard. For the 2017 version, however, BMW decided to make front wheel drive as the standard and four wheel drive as an option.

The suspension is quite solid, and this makes the X1 a stable SUV at corners. But where it loses points is with comfort. The stiff suspension also means passengers will feel bumpy on imperfect roads.

Interior Features

BMW changed to a transverse engine and this has created plenty of space in the rear seat. It comes with an excellent combination of switches in the right places to control its useful features such as climate control and navigation. The interior is as functional as it is pleasing to the eye. Filled with smart designs and top-class materials, the inside is a great place to be. The seats are power adjustable and are covered in luxurious leatherette upholstery.

BMW had another surprise for its followers. The 2017 X1 comes with ample cargo room, something that was not seen in the previous versions. With the rear seats up, the SUV offers 27.1 cubic ft. of cargo space which dramatically increases to 58.7 cubic ft. once you drop the rear seats.

BMW Review Interior

Fuel Economy

At 22 mpg in the city and 33mpg on the highway, the X1 swallows slightly more than its competitor, the Benz GLA which does 24 mpg in the city and 33 on the highway. But the SUV makes up for this with its relatively powerful acceleration.



  • Roomy interiors
  • Convenient placement of control buttons and knobs
  • Sharp corner manoeuvres with its good turning radius
  • Ample cargo space


  • Stiff suspension
  • Not enough standard features
  • Not good for off road driving

If you are looking for a luxury crossover SUV to use as a family vehicle, you won’t be disappointed. Although the suspension might feel uncomfortable on some rough roads, this easily taken care of by switching to any of the other driving modes. If you can even manage to fork out some more cash to get as many optional features you can, driving will be a time of pleasure.