9 facts about the world’s biggest car cemetery

When cars age past their point of usability, they have to go somewhere. They usually end up at a junkyard where many people can go and strip of a certain part that they need to keep their car on the road. Most cars end up in junkyards because they were involved in an accident and were declared a total loss. Others, however, go to junkyards because they go through a mechanical failure and the owner would rather scrap it for parts than spend the money to repair it.

The world’s largest junkyard is named “Old Car City.” It is owned by a gentleman named Dean Lewis and is located in Georgia, USA. Here are 9 interesting facts about the world’s largest car cemetery.

It is not exactly a junk yard anymore.

It is not exactly a junk yard

It is not exactly a junk yard

Yes, technically it is a junk yard because it consists of junk in a yard, but the cars and their respective parts are not for sale. Instead, Old Car City is more like a museum. The retired junkyard charges $15 for people to enter and look around, or $25 for photographers. Many people see Old Car City as an attraction, while others use it to create vintage themed photos. Owner Dean Lewis came up with the idea when he found out that a visitor had sold photos that he took when he went to locate a part. Lewis thought he should capitalize on the concept.