Bumper Stickers That Will Just Make You Laugh

We’ve all come across bumper stickers when we’re out on the road and if you haven’t, you’re just not keen whenever you’re out on the road. For most people who have, you probably noticed these while sitting in traffic, somewhere on the highway or entry ramp or even at a red light. Despite these bumper stickers being simple and underrated, they can easily make your day in just an instant. For that reason, we have put together a list of the most laughable ones we have spotted out there. If you’ve had a tiring day and want some entertainment to get rid of your blues, just read on:

Drivers are not tailgate fans

Trucks rarely have messages attached to them and the only stickers on them are usually company logos or numbers that you could use to report them if you notice poor or reckless driving. That said, the bumper in the picture below is very creative and is an incredible way for the driver to just pass the message across that he isn’t a fan of tailgates.