Car Review: Audi A4 2017

Audi does not make its models too different from each other. It can be hard to tell whether you are looking at an A4 or an A5. The luxury sedan is beautiful however you look at it. You won’t see too many new visual features on the 2017 Audi A4. What the car maker spent their time on, though, is the performance and other things that you cannot see… but experience.


The car is loaded with cool technological features. The most notable one is the virtual cockpit where all infotainment controls have been shifted to the instrument panel.That means instead of the speedometer and other such indicators, there will be just one huge TFT screen that will show you your contacts, song thumbnails, maps, and of course your car’s speed and rpm.

That’s not all. The tech department at Audi worked their heads off to come up with a safety system that warns passengers as they get out of the car in case there is another car that might hit their door. You also get semi-autonomous driving where the car can self drive using radar at speeds of 40 mph. The new feature is called Traffic Jam Assist.


There are two types of engines on offer. The first one pumps out 252 horsepower as it burns on gasoline. It is turbocharged and has a displacement of 2.0 litres. The other option is a diesel engine that produces 190 horsepower, which is significantly lower than the gasoline counterpart. The transmission will be uniform in both engines, though. Both engines will be paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission.

Fuel Economy

The 2017 A4 comes with enhanced fuel economy. Engineers worked to reduce its drag coefficient meaning the car has less work to do against wind resistance. On the highway, the A4 will swallow 1 gallon of gas for every 37 miles while in the city it will need a gallon for every 27 miles. That is better than most competitors such as BMW 3 series or the Mercedes C class.


The designers at Audi know how to play with shapes and colours to produce a positive feeling in the passengers. By making the windows larger and reducing the size of the dashboard, the Audi A4 has been given an open, free feeling. The interior looks modern and is packed with luxurious material.