Celebrating McLaren 10,000; Accelerating Down the Production Line

For a long time, McLaren has been a winner on the F1 circuit and is recognized world over for its amazing speed and success on the race track. This year however, McLaren celebrates achieving an unconventional feat of producing its 10,000th road car after only 5 years in the business of road car production. With its road car production project having delivered 5 McLaren models in as many years, the automaker is signaling serious intention of taking its place among the high end luxury super sports car manufacturers.

Although the journey into road car production kicked off on the high end of the sports car spectrum with the introduction of the MP4-12C, McLaren has also gone on to produce a good number of lower level sports vehicles such as the 570 S and the 570 GT that were less pricey but faster selling. While the top of the range McLaren cars go for $1,000,000 or even more, the lower level McLarens are available for as low as $140,000.

Having gone into road car production in 2011, McLaren has gradually increased its production as evidenced by the difference between the time it took to produce its first 5000 units and the subsequent 5000. The first 5000 units were rolled out in 42 months while it took about half that time (22months) to roll out the next 5000 units. An increase in the number of workers at the production line to allow for the production of 20 units which is double the previous daily capacity has been the most obvious factor in its higher production.


Car number 10,000 off the McLaren production line is a McLaren 570S that has been one of the most successful models of the road car models produced this far. Car 10,000 is a memento that will be kept as part of the McLaren collection and will be an excellent reminder of the journey the company has taken in its formative years in road car production.