Radical developments in the Radical SR1 and SR8 models for 2017

The 2017 versions of Radical’s SR1 and SR8 were unveiled early in January and they have lived up to the Radical tag by coming through with a number of radical developments that will undoubtedly spice up race tracks. The SR1 is the model that is designed for beginners and semi-professional racers while the SR8 is designed for professional race tracks and experienced drivers.

While there are unique aspects that have been improved in the SR1 and SR8 individually, there are some changes that have been implemented on both models. The first and most obvious change is the new R logo that is designed to give the impression of a racetrack. Radical has also made improvements to the exterior designs of both cars in an effort to increase the aerodynamic competences of the two models. The design upgrades on the vehicles also took aesthetics into consideration and Radical believes the new design is modern and stylish.

As for the SR1, the improved aerodynamics is expected to improve the speed of the 2017 model slightly. The brake bias adjuster has also been relocated to make it more accessible to the driver on the redesigned dashboard that is another change on the SR1 in 2017. The engine, transmission, chassis and braking system remain the same as the 2016 models with performance expected to remain more or less the same unless when being driven by the more experienced drivers who can take full advantage of the improved aerodynamics.


The SR8 on its part is has also benefited from the improved aerodynamic engineering that has been implemented in the 2017 models. While the car is undoubtedly faster than its predecessors, Radical have been economical with details of the adjustments that have been made to this car. The vehicle however still runs on the same V8, 2.7lt engine that powers its older siblings.