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Tesla Model 3 is Rolling off the Production Line Ahead of Schedule

By the end of July 2017, consumers will be cruising in Model 3 of Telsa’s range of sustainable energy cars and this comes as good news since the cars are hitting the market well ahead of schedule which was end of year 2017. Telsa has so far produced four models and Model 3 takes the current fourth position. Tesla is a an EV car manufacturer and is working towards producing more and more sustainable energy vehicles within a shorter period in an effort to curb global warming which has risen up to 403ppm of CO2 and it shows a steady increase.


The other reason that Model 3 was released ahead of schedule is to reduce the number of motor vehicles that have noxious emissions on our roads. Telsa’s quick turnaround in production is also in an effort to reduce the number of deaths in the US caused by such emissions. The latest data show a total of 53,000 deaths! More and more consumers are also leaning towards sustainable energy even in the cars they drive. This led to the demand for Telsa’s Model 3 to be so high such that over one hundred customers had already placed pre-orders for the car 24 hours prior to the car being publicized. The car producers are working round the clock to increase both the number of units being produced and the turnaround production time. It is expected that by the end of 2017 the number of units being produced will have risen from 100 to 20,000 per month. Even with a low battery capacity, Model 3 will get you from 0-60mp in less than 6.0 seconds in the standard model, with ranges of up to 215 miles. The car is midsized and can comfortably seat 5 adults. Telsa has built the Model 3 for both rough road driving and fast highway cruising.


Telsa’s model 3 is facing close competition from the Chevrolet Bolt in terms of costs and specifications. Model 3 still emerges as the lead option for electronic cars since the Chevrolet accelerates to 60mp in 7.0 seconds and covers 200 miles from one charge unit.