Tesla Releases its Cheapest Car Yet, but Most People Still Can’t Afford It

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a Tesla but were put off by the price, now might be the time to get behind the wheel of one. But there is a problem. Even though Tesla aimed to make a car that most people can afford, the Model 3 is still not all that affordable. On top of that, all you can do is make orders for now but the car itself will be ready in 2018. In fact, for regions where right-hand drives are the legal driving side, the car might not land until at least 2019.

But that is not all. Tesla has never managed to produce more than 100,000 in a year cars and yet it intends to pump out 500,000 units. Many are doubting just how possible the company’s goals are.

Tesla Model 3

“We will need to take as many as 6 months of production hell,” Elon Musk said. “This car will not be easy to build.”

According to Musk, there are over 500,000 people all over the world that have made $1000 deposits to make reservations for the upcoming Model 3. But these orders won’t be fulfilled until at least 2018, towards the end. The first units have been reserved for Tesla employees, followed by customers on the West Coast. Right-hand models will have to wait until 2019.

Although it is just coming to fruition, the model 3 is an 11-year-old dream. Speaking in 2006, Musk said Tesla had plans of making something the public would find affordable. But, the company first wanted to be established as a high-end manufacturer. It started with the model S, whose base price was a whopping K69.5K. Even for Tesla workers, the model 3 is the first car that won’t be too expensive to buy.

“We never intended to manufacture expensive vehicles. It was our goal to make something people could afford to pay for”, stated Elon at Tesla factory. ”We want to change the world and if you are going to do that, you will need a car people can actually afford.”

What Features Does the Model 3 Come With?

The standard version of the car can travel 220 miles on one charge. But if you want any meaningful extras, which are really necessary, you will have to fork out a whole lot of extra cash. For the colour, only black is available. If you protest and want something more colourful, you will have to part with an extra $1000. A Model 3 with all the possible features added will demand $$59.5K. This includes Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving feature.