Updates on the Jaguar Land Rover Classics Restorations Shop

The massive 14000 square foot Jaguar Land Rover restorations shop is now fully operational in Coventry, England. Approximately 1 year after its launch, there are many interesting and exciting things happening at JLR Classic. The shop which is actually more of a factory has been working on restoration of earlier models while also producing some select earlier models with the same exact specs as the original vehicle. The Jaguar E type and Land Rover Series 1 are some of the cars that have already been successfully returned to the original factory standards.

There has been a lot of positive response from enthusiasts looking to get the original Range Rover, the Jaguar E Type and the Land Rover Series 1. The demand has actually greatly boosted the JRL Classics project that is dubbed the “Re-born” program. The Re-born vehicles will be produced in very limited quantities and will aim to provide an opportunity for enthusiasts and collectors to have the original Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover experience.

As all people who are about cars already know, the classics business can get quite expensive and the restored as well as re-born cars do not come cheap. The original Range Rover from 1978 is going for as high as £135,000 while the Jaguar E-Type is going for as much as £285,000 and the Land Rover Series 1 will be Re-born for as much as £80,000.



The facility is also planning to provide Jaguar and Land Rover lovers with an opportunity to have a unique and exclusive experience of actually driving and riding in some of the cars. The Land Rover off road experience will be offered at the Eastnor Castle while those looking to drive a Jaguar can do so at the MIRA track. These experience days are an excellent opportunity for those who are looking for solid conviction that the re-born vehicles are worth the pretty penny you need to pay for them.


It is worth noting that there will be limited rebirths of the different models being worked on at the JLR Classics shop and that means the demand is already quite high. There may be plans to increase production but that is a very weak maybe since one of the allures of owning a classic is the limited numbers available. Collectors have an excellent chance to get their hands on some of the most beautiful and coveted cars of the Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover family lines.