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Volvo goes into the future all Electric


Volvo recently made an announcement that defines its future in the car manufacture business. The future of Volvo it seems will be all electric. In the statement, Volvo plans to have all vehicles manufactured in 2019 and beyond being either fully electric or hybrid cars. The statement is a clear indicator that while the future of the motor industry is clearly shifting more towards electric powered cars, the petrol and diesel are still very relevant in the auto industry’s future.

The move is designed to respond to the increasing shift in customer preference which has seen an increasing number of car buyers preferring vehicles that have an electric motor. Volvo plans to have sold more than 1 million electric and hybrid cars by 2020. To see to it that the company achieves this ambitious undertaking, Volvo is greatly invested in Polestar which is its branch of high performance full electric vehicles. The long term plan is to have Polestar established as an independent brand that specializes in the development and production of high performance and sports vehicles that are fully electric.


According to sources at Volvo, the company is looking to make electric cars for mass markets and which are as practical and beautiful as the traditional Volvo. The Concept 40.1 and 40.2 cars which are a compact SUV model and an unconventional crossover/salon/hatchback vehicle will be a big part of the electrified future the company is looking at. The plan is to offer the comfort and luxury of the Volvo brand in the concept cars while implementing the electric motor technologies in the 40.1 and 40.2 models.

The future Volvo is meant to be a car that delivers excellent performance, offers the expected comfort, luxury and safety of the traditional Volvo while operating with minimal emissions. The all electric future of Volvo looks bright and is definitely something worth keeping an eye on.